Trophy Club - Fall Garage Sale

October 28, 2017 




Want to get rid of some extra junk? Hold your own garage sale on October 28th and let us do the advertising!  


Then shop till you drop!


Mandatory permits will go on sale at Tom Thumb and Sassy Flamingo starting September 28th for $20.00.  Be sure to purchase yours early to be placed on the map.


If you would like to volunteer to help we need people for:

map sales

helping with signs



For further information, contact:  Christine Whiteside at: or 214-762-0625  


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Information from the Town of Trophy Club

Regarding Food & Beverage Sales


The semi-annual Trophy Club Community Garage Sales are a time for residents to clean out closets, drawers, garages and attics to purge unwanted belongings. Selling food and beverages at the garage sales is always a hot topic, but protecting the health and safety of residents and guests is our top priority.


Within Health and Safety Code parameters, residents MAY sell certain types of food and beverages:

  • Commercially pre-packaged food and beverage sales are allowed as long as they do not require refrigeration
  • Packaging must be properly labeled and ingredient list must be available
  • Cottage food production operation bill allows for the sale of some types of prepared foods out of a residential kitchen


Residents MAY NOT sell:

  • Potentially Hazardous Foods - "potentially hazardous food" means a food that requires time and temperature control for safety to limit pathogen growth or toxin production.  The term includes a food that must be held under proper temperature controls, such as refrigeration, to prevent the growth of bacteria that may cause human illness.  A potentially hazardous food may include a food that contains protein and moisture and is neutral or slightly acidic, such as meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish products, pasteurized and unpasteurized milk and dairy products, raw seed sprouts, baked goods that require refrigeration, including cream or custard pies or cakes, and ice products.  The term does not include a food that uses potentially hazardous food as ingredients if the final food product does not require time or temperature control for safety to limit pathogen growth or toxin production.


The State of Texas has adopted laws regulating requirements for the sale of prepared foods (Health and Safety Code, Title 6, Subtitle A, Chapter 437) and the Town does not have the authority to adopt an ordinance that would override those state requirements. State law does not provide an exception that will allow residents to sell prepared foods without first meeting all health code requirements.  Residents who wish to sell food at a Community-wide Garage Sale must follow the guidelines per state law. The Town does not advocate distribution of food in any manner other than in compliance with local and state law.


Lemonade stands and other similar child-run operations are allowed per Town Ordinance 2014-33.


For more information, visit the Texas Department of State Health Services website.


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