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Friday, May 12 - Sunday, May 14th

Get Connected with TCWC Members

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Watercolor Butterfly 14
Watercolor Butterfly 14
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 Happy Hour
    TCWC Ladies 

Friends are Invited

Step Out and Socialize

Welcoming---casual --- fun! 

Check your weekly "Happenings" emails from the TCWC for dates and times of meetups.  Happy Hours are usually held twice a month on the First Tuesdays and Third Thursdays of the month.


Sherry Smalling is the event organizer.

Golden Star

Co-Presidents:  Sara Monger and

Melody Nelson (new)

VP Programs:  Sherry Smalling (new)

Communications:  Michelle Smith

VP Membership:  Kelly Castonguay

Webmaster:  Amy Nolan

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Secretary:  Cheryl Lake (new)

Treasurer:  Marion Hawker

Parliamentarian:  Laurie Katan (new)

Thank you to our 2022 TCWC Board Members for your dedicated service to the club!   Welcome to the 2023 Board Members!

Golden Star

In Our Community

Share your TCWC moments. Send your pics to and we'll highlight your photos here.

Flower Arrangement 5

How Do I...?

Make the most of your TCWC membership!  Get involved TODAY!

  • General monthly meetings at the Trophy Club Country Club

  • Exercise Groups

  • Book clubs

  • Games                     Travel Club

  • Dining Groups

  • Happy Hour           Shooting Club

  • Wine Lovers Group

  • Charitable volunteer work

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Purple Flower with Leaves
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