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Making Connections

Learn more about members of Trophy Club Women's Club and how you can make a connection.


Maxine Kamp is the “faithful” leader with her “lesson plans”, energy, experience, and desire that each woman do what she can with the goal to "stretch her body to become stronger and physically more confident."

TCWC women come and go to yoga throughout the year…  Several have been faithful for the last 5 years Monday and Thursday Yoga 9:00-10:00 AM only 2 hours out of the week.  Our class is at the Trophy Club Lake Cities Church.


The favorite positions: Down Dog, Tree, Spinal Cord Stretch, Plank, Pigeon, Tree, Warrior II, Bridge, Lightning Bolt

And how have these women benefited from Maxine’s gift of skill and time?

"New friends"; “builds my balance”; “A great way to start the week…relaxed and stretched”; Flexibility; “Erased hip and knee pain”; “I would be in a wheelchair”, “Rescues me from falls”.

Interesting Facts of a few Yoga Ladies...

Kathy Palmer   received a Tennis Scholarship in 1970 before girls were being recognized with scholarships

Peg Peterson   moved moved 29 times in her life time…  as she says “I have slept around”

Kathy Lancaster   is a seamstress creating handmade items, i.e., quilted carry bags, ornaments

Wanda Brewster   and her husband Ben have played golf in all 50 states

Mellany Gibbon   rode a camel on the Beach of Mombasa Africa

Emily Ladich   is a  retired US Air Force Colonel served 30 years as a nurse and met her husband in the Air Force

Suzanne Hargis   was on Fox & Friends in 2006 for winning the “Rapping Durango Dodge Contest”

Illa Frazier   is an avid Season Ticket holder for OKLA University
Kathy Baldwin  the gift of twins, Lisie and Cassie, at the age of 42
Angie Glueck  received $100 from Frank Sinatra who said, “You were great!”
Maxine Kamp   is a twin whose name is Margaret

Interested in participating in yoga? Get started


Left to right: Suzanne Hargis, Kathy Palmer, Cathy Palmer, Melony Gibbon, Emile Ladich, Illa Frazier, Kathy Lancaster, Maxine Kamp, Peg Peterson and Angie Glueck (demonstrating the plank!)



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Image by Dan Tuykavin

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