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"Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. 

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Community Service

Community Service Projects allow TCWC members to serve those in our communities who serve us, or are underserved,


Trophy Club

Have a few hours? Check with our Town Liaison on current town needs!

Garage Sale

Spring and Fall.  The TCWC arranges the TC Community Garage Sales.  The funds received from the sale of permits fund the Scholarship Program

Tour Of Homes

Fun, Beautiful and Inspiring.  Every year we look forward to sharing gorgeous homes adorned in Christmas Holiday splendor!

Rewards Program

It's so easy to visit the service desk at Tom Thumb and add your name to benefit TCWC through Tom Thumb's Good Neighbor program.

Town of

 Trophy Club


Our Town Website is a rich resource of all community services and records.

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