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- and what a sale it was!

President’s Corner

October 19, 2020

Well, the Fall Garage Sale is behind us – and what a sale it was! 300 permits sold, and tons of donations for our TCWC Donation House led to over $7,700 in proceeds for our 2021 Scholarship Fund! We had lots of happy shoppers and sellers on a bright sunny day.

Many, many thanks to the many ladies who volunteered their time to make this Sale successful. Our Chair, Jenee Molacek worked hard to promote the sale, obtain volunteers and donation trucks, and organized the troops. Carla Beckman donated her home for our TCWC House, bringing in more than $1,600 with her able helpers Connie Gay, Rose Kirk, Karen Williams, Tracey Bowerfind and many others. Kelly Castonguay manned the donation trucks, and Melissa Eason created a Google map which garnered compliments from the shoppers. We included volunteers from BNHS and NCL. What a great team effort with an outstanding result!!

Our next fundraiser will be something to supplement the proceeds we would normally make during our Tour of Homes, cancelled for 2020. Mark your calendars for December 5th and 6th – where we will Dine and Donate at participating Trophy Club and Roanoke restaurants. Each participating restaurant will donate a percentage of their sales to our Allocations and Grants fund, so that we may continue to give back to local charities in 2021. Look for this awesome logo designed by Jean Frazier to help us give back during the holiday season! A list of participating restaurants will be available two weeks prior to the event. Make plans now to dine out often during this two day promotion!!

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