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Looking back at 2020...and what's in Store for 2021

I am sure many of us are ready to put 2020 behind us, and move into 2021. Even with COVID and cancellations, ZOOM vs. in-person meetings, and fewer fundraisers, I find many things to celebrate this year.

  • We sustained our membership at over 300 ladies - truly a great group!

  • We found new ways to connect, meet, or continue several of our activities, and held several modified General Meetings even with restrictions.

  • We held a fabulously successful Fall Garage Sale, and created and are planning a new fundraising event for the Spring.

  • We maintained our level of giving for both Grants and Scholarships in 2020, and are looking at several ways to do the same in 2021.

Our new Board is strong, creative, and willing to make 2021 a great year for TCWC. I look forward to starting up most of our activities again by Spring/Summer, and hosting our General Meetings at the Club as soon as we are able. Our Mother's Day Art and Garden Festival is gathering momentum, and I can't wait for the inaugural debut!

So don't miss out on another great year with TCWC. Make sure you hit "JOIN" and renew your membership today! Renew before January 31st to prevent being charged a late fee. 2021 promises to be TERRIFIC!

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President TCWC 214-608-6548

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