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"Fun in the Sun"... Spring Garage Sale

The Spring Garage Sale is just around the corner! Our Garage Sales are critical to our ability to fund over $15,000 per year in Senior Scholarships. Help us make our Spring Sale successful!!!!

Here are some urgent needs still to be filled:

Carts and Day-Of Permit Sales - - We are in need of carts (4), drivers (4), and riders (6). This is a really fun way to drive around town and visit some Sales yourself, while encouraging participants to post or buy their permits. Are you unavailable for the cart sales, but have a cart we could borrow for the morning? Please let Teryl know

Volunteers have stepped up for the Donation Trucks and Sign planting. Thank you so much!!!

TCWC House - unfortunately, we were unable to secure a member to volunteer their home/driveway for our sale this Spring. We will try again for the Fall Sale on October 9th. However - if you have items you would like to donate to the Sale, the TC Rotary group will be participating this year! Items may be dropped off at Chasidy Murphy's State Farm Office (at the round-about) from 9 AM - 5PM on Friday, April 16th.

We are looking forward to "getting out" again - - between our Garage Sale and the Mother's Day Art and Garden Festival, we have many ways to volunteer and get our name out there this spring. Our General Meetings will start up again June 2nd - Mark Your Calendars!!! We will host our Scholarship Winners at our first General Meeting in way too long.

We hope to see you soon this Spring!

In Friendship,

Teryl and Cathy

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