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Even a Coronavirus can't keep us down!

Summer Happenings #MyTCWC

While we are still attempting to find our "new normal", your Board has been hard at work finding new ways to contribute to our community, and socialize with our members. Here are a few items of note:

  • All General Meetings through the summer have been cancelled. Our next General Meeting will be our September meeting.

  • Social Hours - general meetings will be replaced with several "Social Hours" to be held on local restaurant patios. Sherry Smalling (Programs) is working on locations and times. Stay tuned to "Happenings" for more information!

  • Mindi Bone, our Town Liaison, has developed an innovative fundraiser for us to help replace funds from our Garage Sale! We will be "selling" parking spaces for our 4th of July fireworks! Stay tuned for details, and how to grab one of the best seats in the house for the fireworks! Proceeds will help fund our General Scholarships.

  • Several activity groups are ramping up - either in person or via ZOOM. Watch for your group details or contact your Activity Group leader for updated information.

  • Home Tour - at this time we are still planning on our Home Tour. We are looking for 2 additional homes, and someone to help Chair this event. Please let Teryl know if you are interested!!

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