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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Valentine’s Day, Random Act of Kindness Month, Serve by Doing Launch, and Spring - - we have so much to be thankful for! How can we in TCWC help others this Spring? Well let me count the ways!!

Our Serve by Doing volunteer program was kicked off in a big way at our February General meeting. Go to our Serve By Doing tab on the website to see how you can volunteer at BNHS, Humane Society of North Texas Keller, Metroport Meals on Wheels, or Angel’s Attic! If you don’t have time to volunteer, check out the “Donate Now” button along the top banner to give to any of these great organizations.

Through the end of February, we are also collecting replenishments for TCEVA – water, Gatorade, Propel, snacks, etc. to help restock after several recent fires. See the website, or contact Pam Silva at to donate to our firefighters!!

Still need a way to give back? Our Spring Garage Sale is right around the corner! We are in need of a “TCWC House”, where members can bring donated items to sell. A home on one of the busier “garage sale” streets is preferred, but we are open to all offers! Look soon for information about how to volunteer at the Home on the day of the Sale, help put of signs, or man a golf cart to collect permits the day of the sale. Contact Jenee Molacek at for more information.

We all look forward to the warmer weather, the new flowers, and all of the joy of Spring. Consider one of these great ways to contribute to our mission of Charity as we welcome this Season!

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